I have been trying to get my soundscape podcast up and running for some time now and have run across a few set backs but it's been fun experimenting with it up to now and I look forward to continue the series and eventually split it off into its own feed separate the music and other shows that pop up when I get a chance. Until then though I came across a similar podcast to my soundscape shows and it is produced by National Geographic. Although I like the idea of simply a high quality audio recording to close your eyes and let your imagination take flight as you listen National Geographic has taken a moving image approach and made a video podcast that simply sits in one stationary position for 10 minutes or so and lets you sit in on that moment in time wherever they are filming. Seems a natural progression for them coming from such a strong photography background. Anyways, they are interesting to say the least and worth checking out. A link can be found below...

National Geographic Atmosphere Podcast (itunes link)