through however many degrees of seperation there may be between myself and boc i was lucky enough to hear some of the new boards of canada album and its really good! its very different only not. for anyone who may not want to hear about the new record than you may want to turn your eyes onto another post. the new album has very similar swirling ambient bases to the songs and simplistic low tempo drum patterns but the part that is kind of surprising is the overall texture of the album. unlike there past few albums this one feels a lot more clean and polished. not to the degree of a pop album by any means but it just feels like its gliding across a plate of white plastic. all of the sounds in each song have a presence of their own which differs from the other albums and the way everything in the song kind of melts together. this album introduces a good bit of guitar into the mix which i found interesting. maybe all of these remixes they have been working on as of late have begun to rub off onto there other recorded work. it is defiantly more approachable, even by those of you who are electronic music nay sayers. this album defiantly seems to reach out to everyone.

so that said everybody can look forward to another really great album from boards of canada in october. i know that sounds like a pretty long wait but it is going to be sooooo worth it.