EV Blue

Electro Voice and Blue Microphones got together and designed a couple of mics and they are called the Cardinal and the Raven. Both mics have this amazing future/retro feel and look (if that makes any sense) and they sound amazing. The cardinal is a condenser mic designed for vocals an instruments and the Raven is a dynamic mic that was designed for electric guitars and other instruments but also makes for an amazing vocal mic that provides a surprising amount of resistance to feedback. Anyway, I know that I have talked about them sometime in the past and I wanted to write a bit here about a site that I am working on.

EV is now the worldwide distributor of blue mics and they also share the connection that I started writing about here in the Cardinal and Raven mics. Because the audio company I work for is tight with EV I get to do some promotional work involving EV products from time to time. This time around I took it upon myself to buy the domain evblue.com and make a website featuring their two collaborative mics. So far there is only a temporary page set up but I hope to get the full mini site working this month at some point.

So tell me, what do you think so far? Heres a link: evblue.com