Announcing, a new begining.

Well, its a new year. Close enough anyway. Five and a half hours by my count, and with this new year I have something to announce.

FINALLY after all the talk and ideas and time I am launching my next step into the web which is in the form of a brand new site called fifty foot shadows.

The new site will be a replacement to Thats right, this marks the end of an era. 8+ years of twistedsun will be coming to a close with this new year. I feel as though it has run its course. Time and time again I have wondered what I should do with the site and time and time again I have found myself disappointed in some way with the result. The new site will be very similar in its content in many ways.

There will still be desktops published for everyone, and there will still be music discussed and stories told. The difference is in the name and the approach. Everything will be centralized and brought into one single blog space. Sections will be deviled simply using categories and the design will be fresh, empty, and easy to navigate.

I feel that everything around me is changing in my life and so I found it appropriate to start completely fresh this year. I am really happy with the new name and I hope everyone likes it! It came to me earlier this year while traveling out west and I think it is just what I was looking for. At one point I really wanted to turn it into a community of desktop posters I find that I just can not devote the time into moderating such a site.

My focus this year is in taking big steps forward and changing the way I live it. Also, for those of you wondering, no, is not going anywhere. It will be staying as it is in its current state for the foreseeable future so everyone can get at all the desktops and posts from the past. All new content, however, will be posted on the thew site.

So with that said, I invite you all to come step into my new home on the web here, at

enjoy, and please, let me know what you think!