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If you are at all into photography then you may or may not have heard about canons new 400d/ digital rebel xti. It is their new entry level SLR and it's looking like one of the best options on the digital SLR market especially at it's fairly low price tag. Those of you who have been reading the site for a while probably know that I am a Canon addict. In my opinion they make the best digital cameras out there. Their speedy Digic II processors and amazing CMOS sensors are top notch. Now with this camera they have introduced what I am sure will end up being a standard in this series which is their new dust removal system. The system includes a filter in front of the main sensor which has ultra-sonic vibration to remove dust as well as an anti-static coating on the sensors surface and some tricky software based dust mapping / removal. All in all a really solid release from Canon and I would highly recommend anyone looking to get a little more serious about their photography to pick up one of these little wonders and a copy of Apples Aperture software.

You can read about more specifics on
this dpreview.com page on the camera.