how does this happen?

sometimes there is some really odd news that comes out of japan that and i noticed this story a few days ago. maybe i will start posting strange news bits that i find here because there are some odd ones. take this story for example. there is a woman in japan that is listed as the 19th oldest person in japan but there is one little catch to this story. she has been missing for 40 years... how does that work? turns out in 1962 (or 1963?) she went out for groceries but never came back and a missing persons report was never filed due to a 'complicated' family situation.

or maybe thats doesnt perk your interest? how about this story that simply tells a story of how a deadly yellow fat tailed scorpion was found in someones garden. thats pretty much it. there was some talk about how it may have been a pet and there has been two stories on this happening. i remember reading one a week or so ago and being kind of confused. so even bugs have their place on japanese news stands...