Dancing Robots


I had read that Beck had a new video featuring these recently discontinued robots from Sony a while back and in all honesty could not bring myself to deal with the Real Video feed that it was being shown with on Beck's own website. Maybe it was Windows media, who knows, they are both buggy, terrible ways to show video. At any rate I was oh so excited to start watching the newest Channel Frederator episode to find that the first short was this video. Although it is not really an animation and broke away from their typical content, I welcomed this little break with open arms. I thought it was amazing that the label let this get released on a free podcast such as this and I just had to share this news with everyone because it is a great video that everyone should check out. Remember, these are real robots! As soon as I heard that they were not going to be produced I immediately found myself wondering how much one of these go for... hmm...