Silver Dollars On The Eyes of The City

I was inspired recently by a few photos of a city taken with a Lomography camera of some variety, a Holga with alternating color filters I believe. I don't have access to one of these cameras but I do have a few photos from New York when I was up there a few months back and a copy of photoshop so I thought I would pay homage to this style of photography. While I was messing around with the photo I ended up adding a bit of fake tilt shift focusing as well, in my own way at least. I thought that it ended up pretty nice so I figured why not post it for everyone to use. The title is something I found jotted down in my notebook and It seemed appropriate because of the disrepair of the building here...

Since I am being so open with the fact that the whole mood within the photo was done in post production I will show you what the original shot looked like, pretty lifeless I thought. Anyways, enjoy!


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(note: the image here is not a desktop, its just the original)