I had an image from my farm series that I wanted to mess around with in photoshop and this is it. It was a really simple shot snapped off while sitting in a chair out on a porch in the morning but it seemed like such a cool little work of art that seemed like it would be fun to mess with later on. I decided to take a super minimal approach to the image simply because thats how I was feeling when I made it a few minutes ago while listening to a really calm Susumu Yokota album that I picked up on emusic recently called Sakura. The name of the image was named after the first song on that album if you care to know. I see a lot of artists/designers hopping on the trendy looking vector graphic train that have all sorts of elaborate intricate little details and hidden messages in japanese or some techy looking font and I've been through that a year or two ago back when I started making desktops because thats what I thought people wanted but I soon realized that I should simply stick to what I feel like looking at. Anyways, long story short, I decided to take a really simplistic approach to this one and post it as is but also post a photoshop file with layers from the desktop to let readers with photoshop to take it and make their own version of the desktop. I've never tried anything like it before in the past and thought I would give it a shot sooo...

Along with the standard .jpg file I also have available below a photoshop version of this image in hopes that some of you readers will download it, remix it, and send it back to me to post here along side the original. I know that I don't have too many readers who are active on the comments or own a copy of photoshop but I thought it would be fun to give it a shot. To give an example of what you could try is using other images of you shot to layer in with this one or try different colors or shapes or arrangements or whatever. Just take it and make it your own somehow. I just ask that if you come up with something you like then please mail it my way using the contact form on the site or my email for those of you who have it. I suppose thats all for now. Enjoy!


click the above image to download the desktop and remember, by downloading this desktop image you must agree to my terms of use!

Download the photoshop version of this to remix here.