Point Of View

This is the view from the end of a 4 mile hike up to this view point from the valley that you see below. The hike was about 80 percent in the snow which was fun and the hike down was a nice relief from the climb up. The end point here is called Observation Point and gives this grand view of the canyon. That point there in the middle of the canyon that kind of pokes out into the middle of the valley is called angels landing and is where I was the day before. Its hard to give perspective to get an idea of how big these cliffs really are so look down to the valley and you will see a road there. It is a two lane road. Now imagine a car on that road. Now imagine a person standing next to that car oh so tiny you can hardly make them out. The elevation change from the valley to the mesa above is over a thousand feet up. I don't have my gps with me right now so I can verify the exact elevation but hopefully you get the idea. There is something incredible about standing on a cliffs edge that puts you at the peak of an area as large and powerful as this. Really inspiring indeed.

There are two versions of this desktop, one after I messed around with the color a little which I thought ended up pretty nice, and one that is simply a black and white version of the original exposure. If people really want it I will post the original color image eventually but I prefer it in black and white.



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