Peeking Through

This photo is a photo that I was reluctant to even shoot just because there are already so many of these autumn leaves photos out there but here it is anyway. The reason that I find it interesting is its perspective with the blurry set of leaves in the foreground of the photo which I thought gave the impression of casually looking up into a tree naturally. You will probably notice the strange alternate version below with birds. If you like it you like it and if you don't you don't, I mostly just wanted to use a photo that I had of some geese flying overhead and this seemed like an interesting combination because the leaves are destined to fall where as the birds are free to roam as they please.

On that note, anyone notice how we all find the fall so beautiful because of the leaves changing colors? I was thinking about how the leaves are pretty much dying and how we all find that so beautiful. I know death as a subject of discussion always seems to sound morbid but think about it. Usually death is so hard to deal with and is never attributed to beauty at all yet we all seem to look forward to this season. OK, yes I know I am digging WAY to deep here to sound interesting, sue me.



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