Last Call

This is the desktop that I previewed in the blog a few days ago. It is a bit different than the preview, not as bright and a little smoother. This was shot at a place called hanging rock which I was camping at last week. Because I stayed the night I had the chance to hike up my favorite trail there to an observation tower at the top of a mountain to watch the sun set. Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy out and so the view and sunset was not what I had imagined but It was pretty amazing in it's own way because fog was blanketing the hills below which made for a really beautiful landscape. So the photo just wasnt up to my standards really so in to photoshop it went and it got the city of light treatment which people seemed to like so I figured no one would mind if I used that style again. Enjoy!

Note: The title came from an Elliott Smith song from his first solo release called Roman Candle. My favorite version of the song however is an acoustic live version that I have lying around which Id be happy to share with anyone interested.


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