"Lake of Fire"

By request I bring to you this photo of a lake near my home. On a late night bike ride down a trail with my brother we came across a bridge that was built over a section of a lake and I just happened to have my camera handy so I pulled it off my back, set it on the bridges railing and started shooting. Even with a 200 ISO setting it came out really noisy which I just don't like in digital photography at all. I guess the 30 second exposure just didn't take to well to the digital sensor. this type of drawback in digital photography make me miss film. I wonder when technology will catch up with its analogue ancestors and if or when that happens it still wont be quite the same. I don't look forward to the day when I read the news story describing the demise of film production. So all ranting aside, I took the photo into photoshop and it did what it does best, touch up the photo. I managed to get most of the junk out and came up with the image you see here. A bit dark in the big version but I happy enough with it to post here. Oh, and if you were curious about the name, it is the name of a Meat Puppets song that was covered by Nirvana waaaaaay back in the day but for whatever reason thats the first thing that popped into mind when the save dialogue appeared. Enjoy!


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