At the End of the World

Wow, has it really been a month since my last desktop posting? Sorry for the downtime everyone, I know how anxious you guys get when there is not a new release. So I finally had some time to play with the new CS3 suite of apps outside of normal use and it is some really really impressive software. Everything is so smooth and fast and the new palate system is remarkable. It is everything I wish it would be. Seeing as before this I was using photoshop 7, Illustrator 10, and pre-Adobe macromedia apps (the very first versions available for osx) this is a huge step forward for my workflow. I look forward to studying the apps more as time goes on. I still remember learning how to use photoshop in version 3 before layers... even something as simple as a drop shadow was done with elaborate channel tricks. Sorry, I'm getting waaaaay off track here.

This illustration is based off of a photo I took in Delaware last weekend at a river front. There was a shirtless old man jogging down the path while I was sitting around in the grass and he eventually made his way back around to a bench in front of me carrying along some water and a newspaper. For some reason it was a humbling thing to watch. So I took a photo and it was perfect to mess around with Illustrators live trace and give photoshops new workflow a go. The point there was simply the edge of the photo that i curved on out to that wave shape and to the left where the ground seems to head upward is the base of a tree. At any rate, it ended up pretty interesting so here you go. Enjoy!


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