"Sorrow No More"

This was taken while I was over at a local dog kennel (Country Kennel) shooting for a website I am making for them. Let me tell you now that it is pretty tricky to shoot a bunch of excited dogs, one of which was running laps around the outside dog-run. I wish I could remember all of their names! This dog here was a sweet one with really nice eyes and he was much calmer than the others which helped me out while taking this shot. There was a lot of really great photos taken that day but I am saving the best for the website. I hope you enjoy this one though, I think it makes for a striking desktop image.

A note on the name of the image: I just set up and ran sound for a small meet and greet acoustic performance by the band Switchfoot and although their music isn't really my cup of tea one of the three songs they played was a cover of a bad religion song called Sorrow that I really enjoyed and it just so happened that I was preparing this photo to post as they were singing it so the lyric "there will sorrow, no more" seemed to make a good name for the shot...


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