Been So Long

If you read the description to Last Call You may or may not realize where this was shot. It is on top of an observation tower at the top of a mountain. Something about this shot hits me in a personal way. Part of it is a reminder that It had been so long since the last time I had been out hiking on my own and it was nice to get out on top of the world and gather my thoughts in a place not so distracting. I could go on more about this but lets jsut say it has more of a personal meaning than other shots I put up here. Also you may notice that I wore sandals up there which I regret doing, they are not really all that appropriate for a mile and a half hike up the side of a mountain, who knows what I was thinking. At any rate, I hope you all enjoy this desktop as much as I do.

Note: The title is from a Vetiver track off of his latest album which I have been meaning to feature in the blog for some time now.


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