I called this awake because it seems to have that type of effect that happens as you open your eyes after having them closed for a long period of time or after being somewhere really dark then suddenly being in a brightly lit area. Photography is so funny in the way that it wont allow you to expose both extreme light and darkly lit areas. Its a challenge that leads to what some consider a bad photo if it is looked at by someone who, for instance, wishes the person in this photo was in focus and may not understand what the point of this photo is. It is also what separates someone with knowledge of how to use this photographic puzzle to their advantage by exposing for a given effect such as this image where I chose to have the brightness of the outside world shine brightly from behind the inside of the garage. If I had let the camera expose the shot the photo would have been nearly completely black but the person in the distance would have most likely been the focus and the image would not have nearly as much depth as it does here.

At any rate, sorry for over analyzing the photo this time around, hope you enjoy the desktop!


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