"Of Cats And Forts"

There was a fort at the far end of Old San Juan that was the home to a really cool trail that winded around the outside wall of the fort along side the ocean. It was a great walk not only for the views of the fort and whatnot but also because it appeared to be some sort of cat mecca. There was cats everywhere there. I am talking hundreds! There was people that fed them and left them fresh water and I don't think I could figure out how or why this happened. I do remember that there was a sign at the entrance to the trail that stated that you can not abandon your cats there. I guess that there are people that try and leave their cats there when they no longer want them? So as you walked along the path you could look out on the rocks lining the water and see cats stretched out on them laying around in the sun. It was amazing! So at any rate I took a few really amazing shots of them and thought I would share one here. Enjoy!


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